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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Preview Files While Downloading with IDM

IDM - Internet download Manager software is one of the best download managers that  uses dynamic file segmentation and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate file downloading. Often if we download large files like movies, we want to check that the file which is downloading is correct. But IDM users have no option to preview movies or songs while downloading except rar preview. But this can be achieved by a simple trick. You only have to follow these steps.
Things to Note: IDM multipart technology uses file splitting before downloading to boost downloading speed. This is why the file preview is not available in IDM. If you send a request to download a file using IDM, it splits file into pieces, then download each part in a sequence. However this tech may slow down download some times in my experience. For full preview of the downloading file, you have to disable this file splitting. 
To do this, goto IDM options by clicking Downloads > Options. Click on Connection tab. Enter Default Max. Connection Number as 1. then click Ok. Then download you file.Your further downloads may look like this:
Steps to Preview Files While Downloading with IDM
1. Open IDM the click Downloads > Options, Save to tab.
2. Look for the temporary  path where IDM stores the uncompleted download parts.
3. Go to the location in your computer and find your file name that you were currently downloading. ( This can be done by goto DwnlData in temp folder the arrange files by modified by right click. )
4.  You will have a file and a log file in it. You are almost done. 
5. To preview the file open the file using VLC media player (If you are downloading a movie)
You can play the file as much as the download progresses. 

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