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Monday, February 13, 2012

Access Gmail Offline !! Read Mail Without Internet Connection !!!

Gmail is the most preffered email service these days.The reason being that they have been consistently improving their services.Gmail offers more than 7.6 Gigabyte of space which is increasing every second.So, you don’t have to delete even a single email due to lack of space .Now you can get the ability to access Gmail in offline mode which can be really useful if you don’t have internet connection but are in need of urgent access to your mailbox.
Although in offline mode  you can’t send an email but can read, manage your emails. This trick will work only on Google Chrome browser.
How to Access GMAIL Offline:-
  • Open your Chrome browser and download Offline Gmail Extension from here.
  • Install this extension by clicking on Add to Chrome and select offline Google Mail.
  • After this select Allow offline Mail option  and click on Continue button.(Don’t use it on public computer or any network computer because it will store all your data on it)

 Your Gmail account will automatically get synchronized whenever you run chrome browser in availability of internet connection

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