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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dotproxy Trick For AirTel Free 3G GPRS With Working Backquery

Friends backquery trick is working like charm in Airtel with dot proxy in PC. Now enjoy Airtel free 3g gprs with this trick in your PC with Fast download speed. so first you need to download dot proxy but to run dot proxy .NET Framework is necessary to be installed in your PC. You can get it from Microsoft website. Just search in Google for that. 

Step 1. Download Dot Proxy

Step 2. put back query in URL MOD: 0:/? or any you like.

Step 3. (Most Important) use any proxy with 80 port.

then enjoy !!

one problem browsing speed very slow so use for it downloading

SOME Working Proxies: :80

Zoom the screen shot for Detailed info.
Enjoy !!!

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