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Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Special Characteristics of Ramadan [Ramzaan] - All muslims Should Know!!

1. Observing the fourth pillar of Islam has been prescribed during this month, and it is one of the best means by which a person attains piety and forgiveness of sins.

2. The first revelation of the Qur'an as guidance for humanity was given to the Prophet (pbuh) during this month.

3. The sunnah of performing the tarawih prayer is observed during this month.

4. Ramadan contains Laylatul-Qadr, which is better than a thousand months.

5. The great battle of Badr between the Muslims and the unbelievers took place during Ramadan in the second year of the Hijrah.

6. The Muslims re-entered Makkah victorious during Ramadan in the eighth year of the Hijrah. After this conquest people began to enter the fold of Islam in multitudes, and Makkah became free of polytheism and evil.

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