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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Motion Sensor Racing Games For Samsung Android Phones

Android is hot these times especially for games and apps. Android is owned by Google that is why there are millions of apps on the Internet for this amazing Operating system. There are many sensor games which support motions and these lets you to groove with your mobiles by shaking and rotating. I am also very much impressed with these cool games and i always play these motion sensor games on my Android mobile.

Hope these let you to enjoy and hope you came first in every race. Below is the list for motion sensor Android games which you can download from the official sites given with the game info. These cool games comes with awesome 3D effects and graphics. have a look below:

Abduction - Cool alien game with lot of UFO's around. Simply travel in space and rescue your friends. This comes with random modes which lets you to choose your mode of your mood.

Asphalt 6 - Most popular racing game app. This is basically one of the racing game of Asphalt gaming series. 

Tilt 3D Labyrinth - Its a free game with realistic 3D graphics You can this game while you are stressed in office. Best game for IT professionals to make brain sharp.

Penguin Skiing - Another most popular racing game with 3D graphics and visuals.But before installing you have to create an extra space for installation in your Phone memory or Micro SD card.

Speedx 3D - One of the best game for Mobile users who love to race with 3D supportable graphics.

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